Z’s Top Five Apps to Help Control Your Levels

Top Five APPS


Apps can be a Diabetics best friend. Today, we have the ability to find out how many carbs are in almost anything. Carb counting is smooth sailings at home where everything has a label. However even with the lamest social life, you will quickly find that going out to eat can be very stressful due to the unknown. Not to mention the unpleasant looks you receive when you ask about 1000 questions to see if you are able to eat that dish or not.

My list is not ranked, it’s just my random top five, but I will give you a few combos that I find to be very useful! The key is to find the right one(s) for you.

  1. CalorieKing – This app is great. Easy to use and has a massive data set that will allow you to look up foods on the go. Very useful while at restaurants, and at home. This app is free, however will market some of their similar paid apps like HEALTHeDiabetes. The paid apps look great, but I never spend money on apps.
  2. Daily Carb – Again, another application that has a large data set to look up foods. You can also track your daily water intake and Weight.
  3. Glucose Buddy – If you are looking for a decent logbook with a social component, Glucose Buddy is a great app for that.
  4. OneTouch Reveal – I use this app multiple times a day, mainly because the meter I use (OneTouch Verio Flex) syncs with this application. Therefore you don’t even need to enter manual numbers. As with many of these logbook apps, you can also enter in the amount of carbs you take in, and the amount of insulin taken before and after meals. One addition that makes this app stand out– it calculates trends for you, which might help you figure out how your body reacts to certain foods. Totally recommend this if you have the Verio Flex, it’s a MUST NEED.
  5. MySugr – Another great app that syncs with most Accu-Chek meters. The user interface is clean and would definitely say this is a must need app if you are using Accu-Chek.

These are just a few tools that you should totally check out. For me, all I use is the OneTouch Reveal and CalorieKing applications. This “app combo” gives me all the info I need to make wise decisions about what I eat, and how much insulin I should be taking.

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