The day you find out…Scary Stuff..

First off– I’m not a doctor, but I will give you some symptoms leading to my diagnosis. While reading this, you should not diagnose yourself, but please go see a doctor at some point if you are currently experiencing any symptoms listed below.

So my story starts with crazy weight loss and extreme thirst. I originally weighed about 145 pounds and within about 3-4 months dropped to about 125 pounds. I’m 26 years old and about 5’11” so if you are at all like me, that would put some serious nervous butterflies in your stomach. I was also so thirsty non-stop to the point that I always thought i’d never drink enough water. I was always thinking about my next water source; getting from point A to B. Since my blood sugar was so high, I’d have to urinate every hour (waking up 3-4 times a night). First off, if you are having these symptoms, please go see a doctor/endocrinologist immediately.

Now, if you have already figured out your original fasting (not eating in the morning) blood sugar and wonder what the normal levels are, hopefully your doctor told you. If not, let me give you some numbers to live by. If you are over 120 fasting with no diagnosis of diabetes, go see a doctor today. If you know you have diabetes, you’re probably like HA i’ve been worse.

The reality is a normal person will be between 70-120 during their day. If you are type 1, that means you don’t produce insulin like normal people that can eat whatever they want. Ask your doctor for further details about this, but don’t freak out, you can still eat sugar and carbs!!

During your first couple of weeks your blood sugar will be nuts.. super high & low with no real explanation & honestly that’s still me today (those that are more experienced here, please feel free to add to the comments to help us out). I’ve heard many techniques (1 unit per every 10 carbs etc.) and my only advice here is don’t freak out, but just be careful of lows. Every diabetic can feel a low. If you are 300+ it’s harder to feel, but if you are below 70, you will feel that, I promise you. As a new diabetic scared about this, let me give you some tips. Always carry some form of sugar with you. CVS/Walgreens always carries Glucose Tablets, but you can use really any hard candy, or half a regular coke etc.  If you are unsure of low blood sugar, what I usually do is raise my hand out to see if it shakes, or if you feel nervous or sweaty..YOU WILL KNOW. My blood sugar got as low as 38 and I didn’t pass out, but will say I was very close. Everyone will be different, but try not to go below 70!

Ok, so a lot of info, I know. If you are new and I did not answer your question like “how do I deal with highs after meals” or “lows after meals/adjustments,” I will be covering this in future blogs posts. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and maybe we can chat up a solution. Remember, your best source will be your endocrinologist!!


2 thoughts on “The day you find out…Scary Stuff..

  1. Leigh Q-Mom

    I’m so proud of my son Zach in how he has handled his diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. We have all been in a bit of a shock as diabetes does not run in our family. He is determined to not let this disease bring him down. He is smart and a fighter and he will do whatever it takes to live a normal and healthy life. Subscribe to his blog if you or a loved has Type 1 diabetes and go through this together.

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